WEND BE NE DO, Burkina Faso: December 2018 report

Report of the follow-up visit to the WEND BE NE DO (WBND) project in Burkina Faso, of the partners Carlos LLANO, Alberto HERNANDIS, Andrés Pedro MUÑOZ and Aurelio SANZ, of the Foundation Tienda Asilo de San Pedro of Cartagena (FTASP), Spain, in December 2018.

WBND already has a thirteen-year trajectory in Burkina Faso, being a benchmark as a project of care for the people affected by HIV-AIDS in this African zone stricken by poverty, corruption, and insecurity… 271 adults and 341 children, adolescents and young people are our concern as more than sixty volunteers in Spain, seven in Burkina Faso and the local team formed by five people. “To be with”, to accompany, to put ourselves in their skin, not to remain insensitive to the suffering of others, to partake in their joy: that is WBND.

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