Letter to the brothers in the month of Nazareth in Ireland and benefactors

To the Irish brothers gathered for the month of Nazareth and all our benefactors.

We are 24 priests of the Fraternity Jesus Caritas collected for the month of Nazareth in Kribi, Cameroon.

We come from different African countries: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Madagascar, Chad, France.

This is for all of us a strong time of fellowship, prayer and exchange about our respective ministry and our life according to the intuition of Nazareth.

To live this gathering, many of us have experienced the difficulty of crossing borders (Central African Republic, Madagascar …) which caused some delays.

But now we are all full. And it is a great joy for us! We thank the Lord for having given us to come together as well.

After a first week full replay of life, we had a great week of retreat preached by Bishop Philip Stevens, Bishop Emeritus of Maroua-Mokolo (Cameroon) and Little Brothers of the Gospel. We are entering a week of discovery or deepening Message of Charles de Foucauld led by Jean-François Berjonneau.

We measure how the charisma of Brother Charles as “universal brother” is very relevant in the context of globalization and uncertainty about the future for many countries.
That is why we feel the desire to come and join you, who also made ​​this experience of the month of Nazareth in Ireland.

We are all united in the passion of Brother Charles for his Beloved Lord Jesus Christ who has called us to shout the Gospel through our whole life for every human person, especially the poor and marginalized, so trey shall be recognized as brothers and sisters beloved.

We believe that we have fellowship with one another in this common desire, which holds us together, to deepen the spiritual message of Brother Charles.

And we thank deeply all those who have contributed by their fraternal solidarity and support for the realization of this month of Nazareth who fills us with joy and gives us a new impetus to the mission. Thank you to continue to lead us in prayer as we do for you. According to the Cameroonian beautiful phrase, “We are together!“…

P. Grégoire CADOR
Parish St Joseph of Tokombéré, Cameroon