Retrait of the Flemish Fraternity and Belgium, July 2021

To the Brothers of the Francophone Priest Fraternity in Belgium/the European Fraternity/the World Fraternity

We are delighted to be able to report to you that we will be able to hold our retreat with the Flemish Priest Fraternity corona-free. From Sunday evening 11 July to Saturday morning 16 July, 13 priests will come together at Wavreumont Abbey. Twice a day we will individually read a chapter from the book With a Name and a Face. Dynamics of Biblical Faith of the CCV Ghent, Halewijn, 2016. Afterwards we gather around it in fraternity groups to discuss it.
Furthermore, we take care of the morning prayer together and the Eucharist. There is also a desert day that ends at the celebration of reconciliation.

We commend our being together to you and hope to be prayerfully united with you.
We are very grateful to you.
Peace and all good things

André Foulon (responsable), Guido Debonnet en de Vlaamse priesterfraterniteit

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