Guidelines for Month of Nazareth (for his aprobal in world assembly of Cebu)


The First Pan American Assembly of our Priestly Fraternity held in Cuernavaca, Mexico, in February 2015, proposed to the International Team “to convene a team of four people to carry out a specific study on the identity, purpose, content and manner of carrying out the Month of Nazareth that allows writing a document with Common Orientations, respecting the cultural particularities of each country. This document would be presented for approval at the next General Assembly”.

The International Team accepted this proposal and at its meeting in October 2016, it resolved to request Manuel Pozo (Spain), Jean Michel Bortheirie (France) and Fernando Tapia (Chile), to set up this commission and draft a document on the Month of Nazareth.

The brothers accepted this assignment, worked from their places of origin, studying articles of the IESUS CARITAS bulletins about the Month of Nazareth, collecting experiences and materials already prepared for previous months of Nazareth from different countries and finally met in Almería, Spain, February 20 to 24, 2017 to formulate these General Guidelines.

The main inspiring framework of this document is the text approved in the International Assembly held by our Fraternity, in Algeria, in 1982, entitled “The Month of Nazareth”. It has been incorporated in the latest editions of the Directory, in chapter IV “Our roads”. We transcribe it below.

This document has as main recipients the Regional Managers and their Teams, as well as the Coordinators of the Months of Nazareth and their Teams. It contains a First Part with Orientations of general type and a Second Part with schemes for the topics of reflection, questions for personal or group work and schemes for the meditations of the week of retreat, with some exercises for personal prayer.

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WEND BE NE DO, Burkina Faso: December 2018 report

Report of the follow-up visit to the WEND BE NE DO (WBND) project in Burkina Faso, of the partners Carlos LLANO, Alberto HERNANDIS, Andrés Pedro MUÑOZ and Aurelio SANZ, of the Foundation Tienda Asilo de San Pedro of Cartagena (FTASP), Spain, in December 2018.

WBND already has a thirteen-year trajectory in Burkina Faso, being a benchmark as a project of care for the people affected by HIV-AIDS in this African zone stricken by poverty, corruption, and insecurity… 271 adults and 341 children, adolescents and young people are our concern as more than sixty volunteers in Spain, seven in Burkina Faso and the local team formed by five people. “To be with”, to accompany, to put ourselves in their skin, not to remain insensitive to the suffering of others, to partake in their joy: that is WBND.

Fraternity of England: Be Brothers! uk November 2018

Despite this I felt I really couldn’t condense my report on Sr. Kathy’s retreat any further, as she provided us with such an incomparably rich analysis of the meanings inherent in Brother Charles’ life and letters. And we were gifted with the most pleasant and outgoing of personalities to convey them! But your national Team, supporting Peter Stodart as our National Responsible, does freely admit that we didn’t quite have our act together when the application forms went out to the fraternities far too late; the giving of the dates in a single-liner of the November 2017 “BB’s” really didn’t cover. We were left with a viable but quite select attendance! The annual January mini-retreat will hopefully be better attended as the booking forms have already been e.mailed to local Responsibles and thus hopefully put in the hands of all brothers.

Then there’s the plethora of “emails to the editor” this time, updating us on many goings-on among our fraternities; great!

Stephen Squires is working wonders for us all, not only in the website he has established for the British fraternities (DO have a look at,uk ) but is now organising a “mini-Month” to offer an easy 1-week taster of a full “Month of Nazareth,” that real-life living of some of Brother Charles’ ideals that many find so helpful for making us better priests. Do check out the “mini-Month” at its lovely Midlands venue on page 11 of this issue.

Oh, and by the way, if your fraternity doesn’t feature on the “Fraternities” page of the website, do send the details up to Stephen, as given under his Birmingham fraternities on that page. (Otherwise one is not allowed to bemoan a dearth of new members in your fraternity!)

Please keep the flow of contributions coming– especially if you’d just drop a very few lines (and a picture?) on even the ordinary things you do in your fraternity, on who’s involved, etc. It can en- courage the others! With some good material in too late for full publication this time, may I set a press deadline of mid-April and mid-September for the June and November issues, with very small “stop press” additions possible until the start of May and October.

Finally, don’t miss John Carter’s subs. appeal on page 13; we must keep the show running.

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