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The Iesus Caritas priestly fraternity, like the whole family of fraternities which follows the spirituality of Blessed Charles de Foucauld, wants to tell you about our existence, our plans, our activities and our dreams, the Way we follow as diocesan priests, in the spirit of the Gospel. We hope it will bring you closer to us.C320_dernierefoto6

In six different languages, you will be able to discover who we are, what are the challenges that face us, and to what we feel called.

The biography of Brother Charles, the universal brother, will give you an example of the experience of a Christian who searches, and desires to grow always more lowly, as he encounters the most abandoned of peoples, the place where God makes his dwelling, even if not recognized or wanted.

Our Life in Fraternity, whether at Diocesan, national, regional and international level, is open to all diocesan priests, just as the house at Nazareth was open, just as the Church of which we are part must be.

You too are welcome.

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