Dear brothers of Asia,

after our meeting in July in Cebu, with the estimable hospitality of the brothers in the Philippines, and the power of the simplicity of a life of fraternity that is more important than the organization, the methodology or results – human coexistence- , I am writing to assure you my support at all, myself to your service and the resonance that is the Assembly of Asia 2016 in whole world fraternity.

asia_2016_01Thanks for being there, thanks to the brothers of Philippines , to Arthur CHARLES, our responsable continental responsible of Asia, to Eric LOZADA, regional responsible of the Filipino fraternity, and the people who made it possible for the Assembly in the small details host, Airport Shuttle, etc. Thanks to José PALMA, Archbishop of Cebu, brother of the fraternity, the Bishop Angel LAGDAMEO, and to Gaudencio ROSALES, Cardinal emeritus of Manila, brother of the fraternity and one of the founders in the Philippines by living and sharing those days intense of work, prayer, communication and of party. We have great tenors in the fraternity… Also congratulations to numerous groups of Pakistan, and Korea.

Thank you for the presence and participation of the little sisters and little brothers of Jesus and the sisters of the secular fraternity. We live an atmosphere of family.

Thank you for making an effort to understand me with my English so small and imperfect. Thanks by talk the message universal of the fraternity, that is hosting us ones to others as if us knew of all the life, experience that is repeated in my heart with each fraternity of the world.

asia_2016_02I think that we have lived a Nazareth warm and wet climate, but rich in experience of fraternity sharing a work of reflection and manual, no matter the origin of each one or its status ecclesial: be brothers is be equal between us. Jesus thus let it us very clear in his words and his life. Charles of FOUCAULD had that intuition and experience throughout his life and their searches. it may seem like an obsession in him through his writings and letters, identifying with people and their problems, looking for the place where no one wanted to be, with the continuous challenge – powered by his faith and his friendship with Jesus- go below, dreaming of realizing Jesus among the latters. But it is a call to our lives, to our realities, as Church and as priests at the service of the people, trying to our role as “officials” not to catch the vocation of servers and proclaimers of the Good New.

asia_2016_03The conclusions of the Assembly, expressed in the letter of Asia (Cfr Letter from Cebu, in us encourage to continue working each one in our fraternities and countries. Live with the style of Nazareth together with other cultures, religions or people with a thought different from our own, whether or not believers, showing who Jesus is our life. This helps us fidelity to several things; the fraternity, in our meetings, with the Revision of life, prepared properly; to the worship daily, as find personal with Jesus, although only is to feel its presence; to the day of desert monthly, with an atmosphere of silence from the moment in that it started, for let us search and find by the Lord; the deepening of the word with a prayerful and contemplative reading, as well as texts of the spirituality of the brother Charles; to delivery to the most disadvantaged in our Ministry and our ordinary life; to live the lifestyle of Nazareth as diocesan priests, without making much noise, sharing their joys and sorrows with the people, being always by his side. Brother Charles was a restless seeker believer that helps us to live the Gospel of Jesus with a spirituality of Nazareth which is not only a spirituality, but a space and time of our lives which makes us happy by sharing our interior in fraternity.

asia_2016_04We recall the commitments as fraternities in Asia for the next years:

  • Week of Spirituality in Pakistan in November 2017
  • Month of Nazareth in the Philippines in July 2018
  • Asian Assembly in Korea in October 2019 and
  • World Assembly in Bangalore, India in January 2019.

Pray now to the Lord by all this and by each one of them brothers in the World.

asia_2016_05A big hug of rour brother

Aurelio SANZ BAEZA, brother responsible

Perín, Cartagena, Murcia, Spain, 4 September 2016
(Canonization of Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

PDF: letter-from-aurelio-to-the-asian-brothers-4-september-2016

Our brother Abraham APOLINARIO, vicar general of Santo Domingo

Abraham Apolinario

Abraham Apolinario

The Archbishop of Santo Domingo, the diocese more ancient of America, in the Dominican Republic, Francisco OZORIA, of our fraternity, has appointed our brother Abraham APOLINARIO vicar general.

For all it’s a good new, and we wish for him all success in his work and God’s help.

A hug from all brothers in the World!

santodomingo-republicadominicanaiesuscaritas-heartPDF: abraham-apolinario-vicar-general-de-sd-en