Chronicle Retreat Fraternity Spain, August 2023. Manuel POZO OLLER

The Spanish priestly Fraternity celebrated its annual retreat from August 20 to 26 in the Madrid town of Galapagar animated by Bishop José Vilaplana (date of birth December 5, 1944; date of priestly ordination, May 25, 1972; date of appointment episcopal, November 20, 1984), auxiliary bishop of Valencia, and residential of Santander (August 1991) and, later of Huelva (July 2006) until Pope Francis accepted his resignation due to age from the pastoral government of the diocese on the 17th. June 2020. In the Spanish Episcopal Conference, he is currently a member of the Episcopal Commission for Consecrated Life and previously he was a member of the Pastoral Commission and president of the Episcopal Commission of the Clergy.

The August retreat, as is customary, is offered to members of the Priestly Fraternity and is also open to interested priests. Twenty-eight priests and one layman attended (10 from Valencia-Barcelona; three from Málaga; five from the southeast (Almería-Jaén); one from Murcia; three from Zaragoza; one from Extremadura, Gijón, Madrid, Teruel and the Canary Islands; two from Toledo This year’s retreat has had the uniqueness of having a layman in a period of personal and vocational discernment.

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