Our brother Félix RAJAONARIVELO

Member of the international team and continental responsible of Africa

Felix has gone with the father after his illness of liver cancer.

He was being treated at a hospital in Bangalore, India, with the help of many Brothers of the fraternity and his family. He returned to Madagascar on 8 may, and on the eve of Pentecost, at 14, 50, in the Carmelo of Amborovy, where we had our meeting the international team in 2014, gave his spirit to God and began the life of the blessed.

Today, 5 June, held his mass of resurrection in the Cathedral of Mahajanga.

I am sad and happy at the same time. This dear brother leaves a void, and also hope. Felix has given a lot to the fraternity and the Church in Madagascar, and his life we must encourage to continue announcing Jesus attended Nazareth-style. He is going to continue to help before the Father with his intercession and indestructible smile.

The international team and all the brothers of the priestly fraternities Iesus Caritas in the world, along with the family Charles de FOUCAULD in Madagascar have the aching heart; Felix will change us sadness in joy, as risen Jesus to your friends.

Thanks, Felix, for everything you have given us. Thank you for your welcome and your Nazareth. You will always be with us.

brother responsible

5 June 2017

PDF: FÉLIX, engl