Letter Month of Nazareth Ireland 2014

Dear brothers,
from Spain, before to go to Morocco next Monday for to be with our Maghrebian brothers in Rabat, those of Tunis, Algeria and Morocco, I want to communicate to you my communion with you in your Month of Nazareth.

Nazareth, time for live, time for pray, time for work to one better World, the Kingdom that Jesus continues dreaming across us themselves and our effort. Nazareth: way of life having like neighbor and contemporary to Jesus. Time for to open our interior to the brothers.

I wish you of heart to live this month as a God’s gift and an exclusive time of fraternity. Many brothers in the world will be praying for you, pray also for us.

And in Cameroon, in July, also there will be the brothers of several countries of Africa in his Month of Nazareth. I suggest you in some moment to have a communication with them. Someone me it can send to me and I will communicate it. If it is possible, in French. Thank you!

I hope a report to publish in our site iesuscaritas.org on having finished the Month.

God blesses you. That the brother Charles covers also between you!aurelio_junio_2014

Have a fraternal embrace to each one, and sorry my “spanglish”.

Aurelio, brother responsible
Perín, Cartagena, Murcia, Spain, 26 June 2014

In PDF: Letter Month of Nazareth Ireland 2014