The Crowning Truth. Matthew Ne Win Mookapaw, Fraternity of Myanmar

The Resurrection of Jesus is the crowning truth of our faith in Christ, a faith believed and lived as the central truth by the first Christian community; handed on as fundamental by Tradition; …….. and preached as an essential part of the Paschal mystery along with the cross.”

“The Paschal mystery of Christ’s cross and Resurrection stands at the centre of the Good News that the Apostles and the Church following them, are to proclaim to the world.”

Who am I to advise or suggest that the image of the Risen Jesus be placed at the center of the background wall of churches instead of the cross? Or to place the image of the Risen Lord along with the cross ,side by side at the center.? In all churches all over the world, in Rome,in Vatican?; new insight? Initiative? New inspiration? Courage?

Saint Francis Assisi created Christmas Crib.Has anyone created ” Easter Crib”, or “Easter Tomb”, or ” The Resurrection Tomb” or ” the Resurrection Cave” Easter / Resurrection scene with 3 dimensional images or statues? e.g, Thomas touching Jesus’ side, Encounter of Jesus with Mary Magdalene and the other holy women near the tomb,

One friend said to me: ” You need to be a saint to create an ” Easter Crib”. Is that so?

Shouldn’t we/I make Easter more popular than Christmas?

In Myanmar ,the National Marian Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes celebrated annually in Nyaunglaypin town is most popular and most crowded.

There are grottos of Our Lady of Lourdes in almost every parish church. The Protestants and the Buddhists think that we Catholics adore Mary; Misconception .Is there such misconception in India,Bangladesh & Pakistan?

We have the grottos of Our Lady of Lourdes everywhere or in many places.Do we have ” Grottos of Our Lord” Or ” Resurrection Cave” or Resurrection Tomb , Scene of the Risen Lord with images and Statues, in many places?

Who am I to wish and pray that this message of mine reach the ears of the Cardinals and the Pope? To display scene of the Resurrected Lord/ Resurrection Tomb, ” Easter Crib”, in Vatican Square during Eastertide/ throughout Easter Season?

Who am I to dare to say, ” How I wish Pope Francis create ” Easter Crib” or ” Easter Tomb” or ” Easter Cave” as his namesake did Christmas Crib ? “.For the sake of Evangelization, to preach the Resurrected Lord Jesus more vividly with visualization.

Who am I to put up such suggestion? Poor me, an insignificant priest of Jesus Caritas Fraternity Of Priests.

Is the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus well known by nonChristians as much as his crucifixion? They see crosses ( symbol of crucifixion) .Do they also see the symbols or images of the Risen Lord ?

St.Paul said,” If Christ has not been raised , then empty (too) is our preaching;empty,too,your faith”. ( 1 Cor 15:14)

Fr.Matthew Ne Win Mookapaw
Office of Evangelization & Culture
Yangon Archdiocese, MYANMAR.

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